Many professionals are thinking about what comes next in their career, whether they are content in their current job position or not. LinkedIn is a great source of information about potential career options. Having a run-of-the-mill profile that is filled out with basic information is doing you a disservice.

Your LinkedIn Profile Speaks Volumes About You

LinkedIn is your online resume and the first stop for recruiters, HR professionals, Senior Partners, will make either before or after the interview (sometimes both).

How to Optimize Your Professional Online Presence

No matter where you are in your career, it is important to optimize and curate your online presence. Here are some tips to follow so you don’t miss out on your next great opportunity!

Keep LinkedIn Up to Date

Be honest, how often do you update your resume? LinkedIn is your online resume and should be updated regularly. It’s there to help you highlight important aspects of your current (and past) job, including a mix of daily tasks as well as significant accomplishments. Legal recruiters have an understanding of your role, highlight what makes you and your accomplishments unique as well as personal projects that you have worked on.

  • Have you been published by your Firm or somewhere else?
  • Have you been recognized within your Firm or organization?
  • Have you done notable work?
  • What milestones have you reached?

Having these items noted will help distinguish you from other attorneys in similar roles. You will want to ensure that your Firm online profile reflects the work that you are currently doing as well. Recruiters and hiring teams will want to know why there are major discrepancies.

Personalize and Curate Your LinkedIn

When you are passionate about your career, it’s more than a job. Make sure to include personal interests in your LinkedIn profile as they may help guide you to a career that caters to both your personal and professional interests. Recruiters want to fill positions with people who are passionate about their chosen industry and noting personal interest is valuable to a recruiter during their search.

Be Responsive and Personable

Take that call! Accept the InMail! Be responsive when someone reaches out to you. Take an opportunity to expand your network and open yourself to the possibility of future roles. These may seem like simple and obvious things to do but not everyone does them. Doing these things puts you in control of your own narrative. Perhaps the job isn’t right for you but you know someone that would be a great fit. Recruiters appreciate a response or a new introduction and will be more likely to contact you in future opportunities.

Keep your LinkedIn profile and online presence current. Networking online and sharing the top of mind industry news and knowledge will showcase your expertise in your industry;
leading to many possibilities. Showcasing your personal interests and professional accomplishments will help broaden your network and bring you closer to your dream career.